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LEARNING JAVASCRIPT PART- 1  JavaScript is a very powerful, versatile, and popular programming language. Infact it is the de facto programming language of the web so you can find it anywhere from your smart phone to your pc .It was first arrived in the mid-1990s; it is grown to be one of the world's most popular programming languages. If you want to learn the web development, it is a must have learned language for you. Also it is in top 5 language to learn this year so, I have decided to start a series to cover basics of JavaScript before we move to the advance topics. Topics we are going to cover in this series are; 1.        Using JavaScript in HTML File and Browser Console 2.         Variables in JavaScript 3.         Operators 4.         Arrays 5.        Objects in JavaScript 6.         Functions 7.        Loops and Jumps 8.        The Document Object Model So in this part we are going to set up environment for learning JavaScript so l

5 Most popular language to learn in 2017

5 Most popular language to learn in 2017 #1 Javascript This de facto language of Web has shown a growth of over 96% in 2016 making it the most popular language and is belived to show similar growth in 2017 too .The variety of frameworks and libraries available are also behind its success.Javascript is a high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language supported by all modern web browsers and as they say its a language that a 7 year old can learn there are not many reasons left for not learning this language..... #2 Java Java is the language behind android and used by more than 3 billion devices is undoubtedly one of the most popular language in world.It has shown a significant  growth in last the year.It is a general purpose, object orientated ,class based programming language.It let the developers to write once run everywhere as it runs on JVM (JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE) making it platform independent. #3 Python  Python is a high level ,general purpose and very po