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Awesome games made in Blender Game Engine

Awesome games made in Blender Game Engine Hey guys, blender game engine is great software for making games if you are an artist especially if you are familiar with blender. (--And know python--).Over the time several games have been produced using it, though I haven't played all of them but many of them are amazing piece of art. So here's the list of awesome games that you should play at least once if you are a blender user.The list is not ordered by anything. KRUM - Edge Of Darkness KRUM is hardcore story based action RPG set in a fantasy world. The player has to survive and reach the end of the story.The player will fight enemies and bosses as the story reaches to the end.The game was developed by HA Studios Ltd and is available in 9 different languages.KRUM - Edge Of Darkness is currently available on steam. Tomato jones A physics-based puzzle/adventure game. The game is set in indiana jones like environment .”The  goal is to collect all coins and the h