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Best News Sites for web developers

Best News Sites for Web Developers,Designers and Enthusiasts  In the world of web development it is hard to keep track of everything happening around you. To keep yourself updated you need to be constantly observing the industry. Here are 5 best sites to help you out in this case. thenextweb (TNW) Founded in 2006 thenextweb provides the latest tech news from around the world. Internet of things, development, coding, infrastructure, security, cloud. Being a very popular blog among the developers thenextweb is a huge and is just more then a blog. The company have many other branches  TNW News, TNW Deals, TNW Conference. If you visited the site yet i will encourge you to do so. You will news on varying topics such as tech trends from the world including web development and much more. Link : developerdrive   From their about page " DeveloperDrive is an ever-evolving creative blog by web developers, for web developers. ".

Things you really need to know about Cryptocurrencies

Things you need to know about Cryptocurrencies  The bitcoin has taken over the world of internet and has became one of the most searched topics on google in a very short span of time ,all because of its high value as compared to other currencies.By the time I am writing this post the 1 bitcoin is equivalent to  13543.39  USD, this alone tells us how powerful cryptocurrencies are. As cryptocurrencies are becoming a global phenomenon more and more people are trying to buy them, increasing their demand and hence the market is now flooded with several crypto currencies. But still crypto currencies were the most misunderstood topic throught the last year.People are still confused about it as china has banned bitcoin exchanges (and other countries  may do it too) and countries like russia trying to make there own cryptoRuble . With so much happening everyone irrespective of whether he will invest in the cryptocurrencies or not must know about them.Here are some thing