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Cargo Cult Design and WHY you should AVOID IT

What is Cargo Cult Design? Have you ever tried to follow other successful games and apps design while working on yours..??.I am not talking about graphics or other stuff. I am talking about those "Special qualities" that we think made it successful.Well at some point or other we all try to make many things as they were in other successful apps. OK Dee i got it..but title of this post is about some Cargo-cult thing..........whats that ?.and whats the problem with this approach..?  The problem is that reason behind these successful ones is not there design,yes it matters but not as much as the their luck. This kind of approach can lead to the the "cargo cult design".This term cargo cult comes from the per-industrial period.You see there were many tribes in pacific region. These tribes were exposed to the cargo coming from western countries.This was obviously beneficial for these tribal people but as the westerners left the cargo ceases to arrive, l