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Termux : Linux on Android(Without Root)

Termux : Linux on Android(Without Root) Hey guys hope you all doing great, this post is little different than what i usually do but i thought it would be worth sharing it with you. I hope you find it useful and if you do tell me in the comments. Android is Based on Linux, But we cannot use it as a typical Linux distribution as Linux only forms the core part of android and Google did not added all the software and libraries as included in Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Debian. But can we have Linux like experience on the android???... well Yes and No!!. There are multiple ways to do that. Though, you may not get as good experience on a Linux distribution but very close to that. One of the and the easiest way is to use an Linux emulator for that. Termux is one such emulator that I wanted to share with you.It is a terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. It gives you a lot options for customization. Ter

How to make Make money with Inkscape

How to make Make money with Inkscape Inkscape is a free and open source but professional vector graphics editing program for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. A Free alternative to Adobe Illustrator and is used by a lot of enthusiasts, art students and artist all around the world. Ah.. you knew this already? Right!! Otherwise why would you read this post. So here are the ways to make money with inkscape. Selling Vectors This is an obvious one but not as easy as it seems, you see there is a lot of competition, you will  hundreds of sites if not thousands for selling vectors with tens of thousands of sellers on them also it's not that you can sell anything made with inkscape you need to follow some standards.For example here is an article which might be helpful, Tutorials If you want to know more about how to sell vectors created in inkscape then you should read

A Quick Look at Machine learning

A Quick Look at Machine learning Ever heard of ‘Artificial intelligence’, of course you did after all we all watch sci-fi movies. But if you ever tried to know more about AI then you might have heard about Machine learning. Also in past few years it's been a hot topic in computer science. So, what is machine learning??. Let's talk about this…, Computer are everywhere today, even in your pocket (your phone).They help us do a lot of thing but in reality these are just calculators with logic and control circuitry.Therefore we can program them to do different tasks.But there are scenarios where we cannot predict the situation and its nearly impossible to program the computer for that.For instance , CCTV Cameras are installed at many places and surveillance has become very easy as it can be done remotely but we need a human to process the video from the cameras as a computer cannot tell us if everything is ok or not.Now imagine if the computer can automatically dete

Creating Cookies in JavaScript

Creating Cookies in JavaScript   We all use a browser which automatically logs us in to our favorite sites without us having to login manually every time. A cookie is sent from a web site and stored locally on your computer. It is just a piece of data which allows web sites to remember their users. In this post we will learn how to create cookies with JavaScript. How are cookies stored? Cookies are stored in name-value pairs i.e. like this, user = deecoder This value is stored in a text file. Whenever the site related to this is visited, the cookie is added to the web request. Hence web-server doesn’t have to remember about you. How to create Cookies in JavaScript? Cookies can be created by assigning a name-value pair to the document.cookie object. This can be done like this.., document.cookie="username=Yourname; expires=Wed, 19 Nov 2018 12:00:00 UTC; path=/";     // username, expires, path are called parameters. Here we have created a cookie for a

Awesome games made in Blender Game Engine

Awesome games made in Blender Game Engine Hey guys, blender game engine is great software for making games if you are an artist especially if you are familiar with blender. (--And know python--).Over the time several games have been produced using it, though I haven't played all of them but many of them are amazing piece of art. So here's the list of awesome games that you should play at least once if you are a blender user.The list is not ordered by anything. KRUM - Edge Of Darkness KRUM is hardcore story based action RPG set in a fantasy world. The player has to survive and reach the end of the story.The player will fight enemies and bosses as the story reaches to the end.The game was developed by HA Studios Ltd and is available in 9 different languages.KRUM - Edge Of Darkness is currently available on steam. Tomato jones A physics-based puzzle/adventure game. The game is set in indiana jones like environment .”The  goal is to collect all coins and the h

OOP : A Quick Introduction

Basics Concepts in OOP    One of the major drawbacks of procedural programming is that it's hard to model Real world problems with it as it is more action oriented. In object oriented programming we divide problem into a number of entities. These entities are called objects. An object have its own data and methods(or functions) which operate on this data. The data is hidden i.e. it cannot be access by functions outside of the object. OOP allows us to model real life problems in our program in a much easier way and makes the program more secure, extensible as compared to procedural approach. Basic concepts of object oriented programming There are some basic concepts in object oriented programming which must be understood before learning  any object oriented programming language. These are, Objects and classes Data encapsulation Data abstraction Inheritance Polymorphism Dynamic binding Message passing So let's discuss these one by one, Objects and classe

Best News Sites for web developers

Best News Sites for Web Developers,Designers and Enthusiasts  In the world of web development it is hard to keep track of everything happening around you. To keep yourself updated you need to be constantly observing the industry. Here are 5 best sites to help you out in this case. thenextweb (TNW) Founded in 2006 thenextweb provides the latest tech news from around the world. Internet of things, development, coding, infrastructure, security, cloud. Being a very popular blog among the developers thenextweb is a huge and is just more then a blog. The company have many other branches  TNW News, TNW Deals, TNW Conference. If you visited the site yet i will encourge you to do so. You will news on varying topics such as tech trends from the world including web development and much more. Link : developerdrive   From their about page " DeveloperDrive is an ever-evolving creative blog by web developers, for web developers. ".

Things you really need to know about Cryptocurrencies

Things you need to know about Cryptocurrencies  The bitcoin has taken over the world of internet and has became one of the most searched topics on google in a very short span of time ,all because of its high value as compared to other currencies.By the time I am writing this post the 1 bitcoin is equivalent to  13543.39  USD, this alone tells us how powerful cryptocurrencies are. As cryptocurrencies are becoming a global phenomenon more and more people are trying to buy them, increasing their demand and hence the market is now flooded with several crypto currencies. But still crypto currencies were the most misunderstood topic throught the last year.People are still confused about it as china has banned bitcoin exchanges (and other countries  may do it too) and countries like russia trying to make there own cryptoRuble . With so much happening everyone irrespective of whether he will invest in the cryptocurrencies or not must know about them.Here are some thing