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[Inkscape] : How to import inkscape SVGs in Html file

[Inkscape To Web]: Make beautiful sites with SVGs In this tutorial we will make a SVG drawing in Inkscape and will use it in a webpage. The goal of this tutorial is to know how to make beautiful SVG Drawing for your website. Before starting you should have following things, Familiarity with SVGs/Inkscape and HTML  Inkscape Installed. How to Embbed Step 1: Open Inkscape. Now make a simple Shape. I am making a polygon,                                       [Click on the Image to Enlarge] Step 2: Now save it as a svg. The inkscape saves its files as svgs but it is not compatiable with html. It a lot Inkscape specific(useless) data. To save it as plain Svg. Click on File->Save as. Then from dropdown box in the dialog box. Choose the .PlainSvg.  [Click on the Image to Enlarge] Step 3: Now open your favorite code editor i am using the brackets. Now open this .svg File that we just saved using Inkscape.   [Click on the Image to Enlarge]

How to Detect AdBlocker on your Website

How to Detect Ad-Blocker on your Website This article is for blogger like me who support their passion for blogging through running Ad sense or any other ads on their blog. We know(even use) Ad blockers keep annoying pop up ads away.But it also blocks the Ad-sense ads(or no so annoying ads). This is the reason why bloggers get less ad-impressions than the visitors on their blog/site.So in this post I will show you how to detect ad blocker on your site using JavaScript(and earn more :) ). This will be also useful for those who are learning web development. What is an AdBlocker(and how to deal with them)? The Ad Blocker is usually a browser plugin that disables the ads in the browser.Adblocker are really popular now-a-days and almost everyone uses it. Most of the ad blockers if not all of them lets you choose where(which site) to block ads and where to not. Hence we can force our users to whitelist our site(i.e. turn off ad blocker for our site). That is what we are g